The Oregon Municipal Electric Utilities Association (OMEU) represents eleven municipally owned and operated electric utilities in Oregon. OMEU supports the collective interests of its members and their customer owners at the state legislature, state agencies, various trade associations and the Bonneville Power Association.

OMEU areas of interest include:

  • Utility Operations
  • Environmental Regulation
  • Economic Development
  • Public Financing
  • Public Contracting
  • Water Use and Regulation
  • State Activities Affecting Regional and Federal Utility Practices

A twelfth municipally owned electric utility in Oregon, the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB), maintains independent representation.


OMEU was formed via an intergovernmental agreement (IGA) as authorized under ORS 190.010. All OMEU member utilities are party to the IGA and established OMEU as an intergovernmental entity.

OMEU is formed to perform several activities including:

  • Secure cooperation among Oregon municipal electric utilities in resolving issues
  • Provide means for member utilities to exchange ideas, experiences and obtain expert advice
  • Collect, compile and distribute information about administration and operation of publicly owned electric utilities
  • Promote legislation that is beneficial to municipal electric utility customers and oppose legislation that would be detrimental to such customers
  • Promote harmony of action among municipally owned electric utilities in matters that affect the rights and liabilities of such utilities